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Liquidity at Your Fingertips



Our Story

Dynamo is an innovative project born out of a vision to transform the world of DeFi. With the rapid growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), we saw opportunities, potential, and a brighter future. We believe that the future of finance will be more open, inclusive, and filled with opportunities. So, we created Dynamo to lay a strong foundation for that future.

Our Vision

Dynamo's vision is to build an open, decentralized financial ecosystem that offers equal opportunities to everyone. We are dedicated to addressing the liquidity challenges in DeFi, enabling more people to participate, and providing a better trading experience.

We dream of a world where anyone can become a liquidity provider, participate in financial markets, free from the constraints of traditional finance. We believe decentralization is the future, and we're committed to driving that future forward.

About Us
What We Offer

Our Product


What is Dynamo?

Dynamo is a decentralized liquidity provisioning protocol built on the BNB Chain. Its core mission is to solve liquidity challenges in DeFi, especially in permissionless derivatives across various EVM chains.


Dynamo enhances the trading experience by providing reliable and efficient liquidity, reducing slippage, and increasing market depth. We support various derivative markets, including perpetual futures, options, hedging markets, and more, offering users a diverse range of investment options.


What is the $DMO Token?

he $DMO token is at the heart of the Dynamo ecosystem. Through staking, governance, liquidity mining, fee distribution, buybacks, and burns, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits all participants.


Decentralized Liquidity Provisioning

Dynamo provides a decentralized liquidity provisioning protocol that allows anyone to become a liquidity provider. You can stake your assets as collateral to mint synthetic assets and contribute to the liquidity pool. Our protocol ensures reliable and efficient liquidity, reducing slippage and enhancing your trading experience.

Diverse Derivative Markets

Explore a wide array of derivative markets on Dynamo, including perpetual futures, options, parimutuel markets, and more. Gain exposure to different asset classes and trading strategies without holding the underlying assets. Whether you're into leveraged trading, risk management through options, or prediction markets, Dynamo has you covered.

Highly Customizable Strategies

Tailor your liquidity management strategies to match your risk appetite, capital allocation preferences, and trading objectives. Dynamo offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to optimize your returns and manage your risk exposure effectively.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Safety is paramount. Dynamo implements risk mitigation strategies to align incentives for all participants and enhance protocol security. Decentralized oracles like Chainlink and Myth provide accurate price feeds, reducing manipulation risks, while the gradual decentralization of key aspects fosters protocol resilience.

dUSD Stablecoin

Dynamo introduces dUSD, a stablecoin collateralized by stakers using BTC, BNB, ETH, and more. Mint dUSD by staking your tokens and use it within the Dynamo ecosystem. The stability of dUSD is maintained through collateralization, ensuring a reliable and stable digital currency.

Key Features

Interoperable Liquidity

Dynamo seamlessly connects multiple EVM chains, enabling users to access liquidity across different blockchain ecosystems. Unlock the potential of cross-chain trading and liquidity provision.

Risk-Managed Stability

Dynamo ensures stability with its collateralization mechanism and decentralized oracles. User assets remain secure, and the system is designed to minimize risks and safeguard against manipulation.

Community-Driven Governance

Join the Dynamo DAO and actively shape the future of the protocol. Participate in governance decisions, upgrades, and feature enhancements, ensuring a truly decentralized and community-driven DeFi platform.

Tailored Liquidity Strategies

Customize your liquidity provision strategies within Dynamo. Adjust risk profiles, capital allocation, and trading objectives to optimize returns while effectively managing your exposure.

Why Us
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